Dick’s Mini Donuts began operation at the North Aurora Craft Show in June of 1996. The mini donut machine was discovered on vacation in Colorado. This unique machine and the process of making the donuts was quite fascinating. On top of all that, the donuts were delicious.

During the last twenty plus years of being in business, we’ve sold several million mini donuts at fairs, festivals, car shows, antique markets, flower shows, wrestling tournaments and schools. We travel as far north as Dundee, South to Bourbonnais, West to Utica and East to Chicago.


In addition to selling mini donuts at local grade and high schools as a fundraises for PTA and student organizations, we also sell them at wedding receptions and businesses for "Employee Appreciation Days."

People love our donuts, but we also sell Island Oasis and V8 Fruit smoothies.

The production of these mini donuts is fascinating and a crowd pleasing show. Young and old are mesmerized by the action of the donut machine. Not only do they enjoy watching their donuts being made but smelling that fresh aroma and then eating warm, fresh donuts, well, it really doesn’t get much better than that!!

Please check out my information here if you are looking for a unique product at your next event or needing to raise some funds for your group. Or if you would like to reward your employees or students. Give them fresh donuts made on site at your school or business.

Please check us out and then call or contact us. You won’t be sorry.

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